About Sedona Dance

Sedona began her study of Middle Eastern dance in 1993, at the urging of a friend and dance teacher. She was hooked from the first drumbeat, and never looked back! Since that point Sedona has taught and performed English Country dance (Renaissance Faire-type) and has competed in Irish Step dance as well. However, Middle Eastern dance (also known as Raks Araby, Raks Sharki, and more commonly as belly dance) remains the dance of her heart. Over the years Sedona has studied and performes several different styles of belly dance, starting with American Tribal Style, and including Egyptian and American cabaret. She has traveled to and studied in Egypt, the motherland of Middle Eastern dance.
She has always been fascinated by the world of dance performance, even as a child. Her mother, who took dance lessons herself, inspired her and allowed young Sedona to wear her old dance costumes. Among Sedona’s favorite childhood costumes were a blue “I Dream of Jeanie”-style ensemble, and a Carmen Miranda-inspired rumba outfit, hinting at things to come.

Today Sedona is an accomplished professional belly dancer and a serious performer of the Middle Eastern art, and has entertained audiences throughout the Southwest. She performes at the Moun of Tunis restaurant in Hollywood and has performed at several restaurants in the Antelope Valley, including Foxy’s Steakhouse, Frescos II, and regular performances at M&M Chicken. Sedona provides excellent dance entertainment at many birthdays, retirements, home events, and New Year’s Eve parties, as well as for community fairs, festivals, and charity events. Her high-energy, family-oriented shows delight audiences of all ages.